Concentration area



• Biology of Fungi, Algae and Plants

Biology Studies on Biodiversity, inserted in the field of Botany, adopt a multidisciplinary approach. This concentration area​​, gathering aspects on different levels of organization of Fungi, Algae and Plants, from different perspectives (ecological, taxonomic, phylogenetic, evolutionary, phylogeographic, physiological, ecophysiological, metabolomics, biogeography, ethnobotany, anatomy, floristics, among others), delimits the theme “diversity” as an object of our specialty. The purpose of the investigation of the diverse implications on the diversity of the referred organisms in a historical, current, and future context, in face of the continuous threat from the climatic changes. This area of ​​concentration is divided into two Research Lines: a) Systematics and Structural Biology and b) Physiology and Ecology, characterized below. These two research lines are comprehensive and include all areas of activity of researchers from PPGFAP, in the context of environmental characterization and conservation and their biodiversity. Still, the lines of research are not watertight in themselves and the PPGFAP-UFSC seeks to create interfaces between the different lines, through professors with interdisciplinary performance.